I can’t tell if this is the worst year of my life or one of the best. I’ve learned some harsh lessons the hard way as we head into the last couple months of 2019. What I do know, is that the truth hurts.

Here are some lessons that stand…

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One-third of our life is spent at work. That’s nearly 90,000 hours of life. Suffice it to say that if you are spending that much time at work, it needs to be a positive environment that does not compromise your mental health…

This article first appeared on the Talkspace blog.

If you’re anything like me, you have a routine set in place from the moment you wake up.

Open eyes.

Check the dog…yep, still breathing.

Roll over and check on my boyfriend — yup, he’s still breathing, too.

From there, I immediately…

This article was first written for the Talkspace Blog.

“Are you afraid of success?” My therapist asked me, intently.

I let out a put-out sigh, and my defense immediately went up. “How dare she ask me that?” I thought.

I sat back in my chair, quickly allowing a movie reel…

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This article first appeared on the Talkspace Blog.

For many people, obsessing over various aspects of our lives is quite common. For some, we chalk it up to our perfectionist mindset or Type-A personality; for others, they blame their OCD.

Regardless of the reason or frequency, obsessive thought patterns can…

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I’m trying to imagine what life was like before I started therapy. As I look back on life before treatment, I shudder, because of all I endured without any coping skills. I had suffered a traumatic brain injury, losing a parent at a very young age, two failed engagements, many…

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Oh, if only I could prepare you for what you’re about to endure over the next several years.

You will laugh, you will cry, and you will experience some of the worst pain in your heart that you will ever feel in…

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What is separating you from everyone else in your industry, your genre, your sector? Find that, harness that, and utilize it to obtain your success.

There are a million photographers.
There are thousands of social media strategists.
There are a million and one musicians.

What is going to set you…

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New York City. Midwest Export. Lover of Pilates 🍑, Prosecco 🍾 , and Politics 🗳. “A freakin’ liberal” — my mother

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